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Experienced Alberta Personal Injury Lawyers

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Alberta Personal Injury Law

If you have suffered an injury, we know that no amount of money will give you back what you have lost. What we as lawyers can do for you, is fight to ensure that you receive the financial compensation to which our laws say you are entitled. We have experience with the following

  • ✔ motor vehicle accidents
  • ✔ pedestrian and bicycle accidents
  • ✔ catastrophic injuries
  • ✔ burns
  • ✔ slips and falls
  • ✔ other accidents occurring at commercial premises
  • ✔ wrongful death

As experienced personal injury lawyers, we have the experience to help you with:

  • identifying potential sources of compensation including sources of insurance coverage
  • Investigating and documenting the cause of the accident and fault
  • documenting and collecting all the evidence neccessary to prove your injuries and pain and suffering
  • identifying, documenting and proving 'heads of damage' other than pain and suffering including past and future loss of income or earning capacity, past and future loss of housekeeping capacity, past and future cost of care and all other applicable heads of damage
  • negotiating a fair settlement with insurers, government or other third parties, where applicable
  • advancing your claim through the court process including filing all necessary legal documents, pre-trial preparation and discovery
  • ultimately advancing your claim to trial if this is necessary to ensure that you are fairly compensated

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